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STEAK Brasserie

The newest member of the STEAK Edinburgh family, STEAK Brasserie, offers customers a slightly more contemporary dining experience and relaxed vibe. We pride ourselves on our diverse range of cuts (both traditional and novel), vibrant cocktail bar, indulgent wines and social atmosphere.  Of course, some family traits must be preserved, and so whether you’re looking for an elegant lunchtime sitting, or an evening meal, you can rely on us to serve premium quality meat within a beautiful setting that engages all five senses.

STEAK Restaurant

At STEAK, we’re fixated on providing our customers with the ultimate dining experience! We serve Succulent meat, seared to perfection by our team of passionate chefs, whilst our experienced restaurant manager mans a cellar filled with meticulously selected wines and a team of knowledgeable and friendly servers. We boast a theatrical atmosphere, where the chic decor is the stage, the customer the audience and the meat, the main protagonist. Our mission is to achieve a standing ovation.