Confession on a hairstylist

Sassy Do’s was recommended by a cousin of mine, and she suggested me after my former hairstylist passed away, I was not aware of the Hairstylist in San Bernardino. It’s a fact that my experience was great from my former hairstylist, and visiting new hairstylists for the first time is but stressful, and it’s like sitting on a pin or something sharper than that, but my luck was with me, and nothing happened in Sassay Do’s. After thinking so much, I went to the salon, and the atmosphere was so warm, and my hairstylist was very understanding, and she was very calm when I discussed my hair and stuff and in what direction I want my hair to go. I have never had shampoo before hair styling, but she did my shampoo, and it was so relaxing that I was about to sleep. If your hairstylist is confident enough, it automatically built confidence in you. He knows her job and what she is doing from start to finish.

He asked the right questions and went over each inch of my head as he familiarized himself with head form and hair growth patterns.Moving on, the time came when I was about to look myself in the mirror, and I felt like I am someone else, I was looking different, and I was feeling like a queen or something. As much as I loved my former hairstylist, I can feel the same with her. I have to admit that she was perfect in all ways. I’ve gone to a few hairstylist In San Bernardino, but I have had the best experience with Sassy Do’s.

Hair She Goes

My experience was excellent as I had dyed my hair a few times and its somewhat blonde and it is not natural obviously When I was looking for the hairstylist, I was a bit nervous that not many hairstyles will look good on me because curly blonde hair is not my type of hair. Still, after the death of my hairstylist, I was not ready to do experience on my hair, but luckily, I found the best one. Anyway, I can guarantee that she’s the best hairstylist in town because after having my hair did from Sassy Do’s, my mind just blew away in the right way.

After my hairstyle experience, I even went to her for the hair color change and the same as before she did her best and not only the hair color was perfect; it lasted thrice as long. Her way of putting hair color in roots was professional.  I love this place, and it’s not that expensive, but it’s not cheap as well because it was worth it. I was hoping you could take my word, you will keep visiting this salon after your first visit, and I’m guilty enough that I’m spending most of my husband’s money in this salon. I even took my sister in law and mother in law, and the first time they were happy from me.

I highly recommend this place to everyone who is confused about where to go for the hairstyle. You will surely love this place, and the staff is also very professional.