April 2017

Horses 4 Courses – It’s Grand National Weekend

Ah wonderful. Here we are yet again, approaching that time of year when the British sporting spotlight is fixed on a bunch of bloody inbred, jacked-up, cocky mules, who do their best not to break a leg, whilst they tackle one of the most ‘challenging’ race courses in the world… You know it’s funny that no [...]

March 2017

Life Changing Decisions…

As the R n’ B legend that is Lemar, one said, ‘If there’s any justice in the world…’ It seems he was onto something there. Now, I’m no football man; in fact, if you referred to The Spurs, I’d likely think of an object medieval knights attached to their shoes to add a bit of [...]

January 2017

What I Learned From London Fashion Week

As many of you will know, I’m a bit of a style guru, influencer, pioneer; whatever you want to call it. Basically, when it comes to fashion, especially tailoring, I am no sheep. People who lack innovation and…well balls, are just so static. Scared to step foot on the street in anything that others might [...]

December 2016

January isn’t all that bad…

There isn’t really any way of saying it without offending the poor chap; January is s**t. It’s the month most people dread, due to the drear weather, short days, long nights, empty pockets…#cuetheviolins! It's tough to see a possible positive outcome when nearing the first month of a New Year - especially when we approach it with [...]

Charlie Hawke’s Secret Santa Survival Guide

If Christmas wasn’t already a big enough distraction in the office, some moron decided to introduce a materialistic gift sharing operation, designed to belittle office staff and encourage all-round judgement of gifts. It’s a lovely concept. Maybe I’m just being a cynic…it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. I guess it’s a way of spreading [...]

November 2016

Black Friday Survival Guide…

It’s that time of year again…the day when assault seems to be condoned when it's in the name of getting that last Chanel Bag for your little princess, and queueing is tolerated with the end goal being a new tech gizmo…I mean, queueing is tolerated, could we move any further away from our British roots!? Mayhem, Bonkers, [...]

Meat Rugby…

The egg shaped ball game is a funny one isn’t…Regarded as one of the most masculine sports where bravery, brute strength, loud chanting, the ability to wear tape all over one’s body, as well as being able to see off a pint in a millisecond, are all key attributes. Yet the tight tops, minuscule shorts [...]

Navigating Movember

If there were ever a month that barbershops and professional groomers would hate, it’s November, a.k.a. Movember! The month when every man and his dog (literally – dog grooming is a full time hobby for some wacky people these days) attempts to grow some kind of outlandish facial hair in order to raise money and [...]

October 2016

What Your Choice of Steak Says About You…

So, while all of you have been contemplating life topics, such as a hard or soft Brexit, Kim Kardashian’s jewellery theft, H-O-N-E-Y-G, it’s Honey G, and the quite frightful bunch of Neanderthals that are on this year’s series of The Apprentice; my absence has seemed to slip under the radar! My first question to you [...]

September 2016

Wine Pairing Lunch with Louis Jadot

The pairing of wine and food is a tricky business; trying to guess what combinations other people would enjoy, with so much coming down to a trained palate, elements of science and of course, personal preference. To those who are novices in the wine pairing process, many would think that a dish has to [...]