Fine Wine & Classic Cocktails

Through our suppliers, Matthew Clark and L’art du Vin, we offer an extensive and carefully selected wine list that allows our customers to select the perfect accompaniment for their beautiful cut of Steak.

Our fruity, delicate reds pair well with the leaner cuts of Steak, especially those cooked Blue or Rare. These wines are also an excellent accompaniment to our Fillet Steak Tartare.

Medium bodied wines normally have a slightly higher acidity that will cut through the lean Sirloin, Chateaubriand and Fillet Steaks. Bolder wines with enhanced textures and flavours compliment the meat cuts with a higher fat content, such as Ribeye, Côte-de-Boeuf or T-Bone.

We also have an amazing selection of Malbecs from all across the globe. These contain good amounts of tannin and are usually medium to full bodied wines with robust flavours. They go perfectly with all cuts of steak.