Hi friends and my patients!!! My name is Robert Charles and I am a specialized Orthopedic Surgeon in one of the most highly rated hospital of Central London.  My relationship with the bones is as a father has relationship with his son. I wish to share the story of my complete U-turn theory on supplements having proteins and vitamins.   This is all when it happens to me personally and I have the experience of MyProtein, which also offer 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I have an experience of 25 years dealing with orthopedic patients and have the reputation of doing the most critical surgeries in the city.  My name is almost a brand for orthopedic problems and that is why I was the Head of Orthopedic Department for the last 20 years of one of the largest and reputed hospital. My wife is also a General Physician and worked in the same hospital which gives both an ease to spend our life in a peaceful and smooth manner using Myprotien promo codes.

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I was known as a very strict and professional surgeon and I never allowed any negligence towards any patient.  My theory was that bones do not required any supplements in the shape of proteins and vitamins, and the ultimate treatment of a bone patient is either surgery or removal of that specific part.  With this theory, I have succeeded for almost 20 years, but there is a time comes in my life when I had to negate with my theory.

One fine rainy day, I was driving back to home, thinking about a patient, unfortunately got an accident and my car crashed another car in full speed.   I was seriously injured and took to a nearby hospital, where doctors have no idea of how to treat me as my right hand and right leg are almost broken and am bleeding all over my body.  Somehow, they contacted my wife and when she come to the hospital, she starts crying as I was seriously injured.  Ultimately, she called some other surgeon, who took me to the ICU for further treatment.

After two days, when I came back to my senses, it came to my knowledge that my elbow bone has a major fracture, however, the major cuts are cured through stitches.  I have been in the hospital for almost two months, and the Surgeon has treated me on his own and despite of my insistence, he refused to do the surgery and keep me on his terms.

On the day of my release from the hospital, I requested the Surgeon to meet me.  He called me in his Office and I asked him about the treatment procedure.  He smiled and responded that he has his own theory.  He always tried best to avoid the surgery option and keep focus on MyProtein protein and vitamin supplements for bones, which can cure the injury and make the bones stronger than before. I got these items for a fair price by using Myprotein promo codes.   He also told me that he gave me supplements, and with the help of these supplements, I am able to work again without any surgery.

I was impressed with his theory of treatment and promised him that I will follow his way of treatment.   From that day to date, I always tried to treat my patients through MyProtein protein and vitamin supplements, and avoid till the last to operate a bone surgery.

Thank you to the Surgeon and thanks to MyProtein for changing my theory of treatment.