Our Steaks

We’re proud to serve the best steaks Britain has to offer by partnering with quintessentially British and Royal Warrant holding meat supplier ; Donald Russell, who has held the prestigious warrant since 1983.  As the famous saying goes “If it’s good enough for the Queen…”.


What sets us apart from many other steak restaurants is our strong belief that where possible, the produce we sell should be local, meaning it has a short journey from field to plate and is the freshest it can possibly be.  Our steaks are no exception with a high percentage of Donald Russell cows reared and butchered right here in Scotland.  Donald Russell themselves are based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire – the beating heart of Scottish beef country.  The quality of the beef they produce is of utmost importance and so their cows are grazed on natural grasslands allowing for a superbly flavoursome steak.